Landscapes of Desire - Workshops 2006

LOD 2006
Landscapes of Desire
16th International Art Symposium
Castle Fertőrákos, Hungary, 14.-29.7.2006

Jan Fekete, Bratislava/Vienna

Workshop with Jan Fekete who teaches figural and life drawing at the art academy in Bratislava. Visualisation of figure and form in the media drawing and painting. Understanding of illusive and real materiality. Composition, creative expression - automatism, gesticulation, expressivity, logic. Free choice of techniques - from charcoal and pencil drawing to free creative renditions and abstract depictions of space and light on paper and canvas. Suited for all levels, from beginner to the advanced, as well as for the preparation of a portfolio.
Languages: German, Slovak

This workshop forms part of the FIGURAMA exhibition and networking project (FIGURAMA partners: Academy of Fine Arts, Bratislava; TU Brno; Academy of Fine Arts, Prague; University of Applied Arts, Vienna; Technical College, Mainz; University Pilsen)

Attila Piller, Fertőrákos/Vienna

"The colour is the place where our brain and the universe encounter", Paul Cézanne
Painting with free choice of motives and creative expression of the nature with acquisition and development of classic and modern painting techniques. The focus is directed on the creative usage of colour, from the sensibilisation of perception and seeing, to the artistic visualisation in harmony with the individual colour qualities and the principles of colour theory. The individual interpretation of the chosen sujet and the colour stroke depend on the painting technique explored, from tempera, water colours, acrylic or oil colours. Concrete elaboration of principles of composition, theories of perspective and proportions. Suited both for beginners as for advanced levels.
Languages: English, German, Hungarian

Yuri Solomko, Kiev

Art can change life. That is the territory of free actions. Activities such as  painting and drawing, making collages, sculpture, photographs, and video - all of them are only tools for your personal development. There are various motivations for these activities, but the aim is always the same: to create a new world, to open it in yourself and to find it around of you. But sometimes, or even often, it is stopped and moves in circles. Therefore it is necessary to change usual ways by breaking the circle of repetition. Experiment: do something new that you have never done before. And the result hopefully will be an artefact which you like, and somebody else probably likes to. Your previous knowledge is not important, your readiness to start an experiment is essential. Maybe from the very outset. The workshop invites to experiment with all techniques of painting and drawing and also to use the possibility of combining them with collages, photo, objects and video.
Languages: English, Russian

Gudrun Kampl, Vienna
The participants of this workshop will experience painting involving all senses and the material as creative element. Starting from the study of seeing, the individual perception will be questioned, reality will be explored with your hands and body experience. Creative realization processes are effected by painting and also in an haptic approach up to further developments into objects. The image carrier becomes part of the creative process, from canvas to a variety of fabrics, which are painted on, cut, embroidered or padded. The starting point of Gudrun Kampl's artwork is the human body, the female body on the one hand and its translation to the surface and ornament on the other hand. The main material is fabric. Materials: all painting techniques on canvas and/or fabric, which can be brought along or selected on site.
Languages: English, German

PAINTING: free creation, 22.7.-29.7.
Eva Bodnar, Budapest/Vienna

Painting means to think with the hands. As an introduction to this art, we will experience an intense dialogue, between the momentary seeing and the concentrated realization by painting and drawing means. A contemporary approach to painting manifests itself by a special tonicity by which you manage to express a successful idea with the right stroke. Of central importance hereby is the appropriate inner and physical attitude. How to prepare yourself mentally, how to choose the format, how to prepare the body, how to "be" in order to become an instrument of the respective shape in mind? The workshop aims at providing guidance in the personal search of clarity in the painting process, in choosing colours, the material or the form for the reproduction of the respective content. The workshop suits both participants with little or no previous knowledge and those with completed academic study. All techniques are possible.
Languages: German, Hungarian

poetry of the present
Martin Marencin, Bratislava
Rafal Milach, Warsaw

The workshop invites you to explore the genius loci - the spirit of space and its people - of Fertőrákos, a village at the border to Austria - a border that has long time been one between "East" and "West". Fertőrákos, the small Hungarian municipality at the Lake of Neusiedl which also borders Austria, is embedded in a highly sensitive archaic cultural landscape. Witness of the past, part of the World cultural Heritage as a meeting point of different cultures for eight millennia, it has many stories to tell such as the Paneuropean picnic 1989¹, a picnic on the place of the iron curtain. Testifying many dramatic moments of the past, surrounded by a poetic landscape marked by the endless horizon of the lake, Fertőrákos is today moving between a somewhat sleepy, slow motion congeniality, colourful souvenirs, touristic endeavours, dj lines at the lake and a dense social strata.
Participants will be invited to develop own concepts relating to identity, emotional -social reality and the documentation of the present. The workshop will both cover theory and practice - research and conceptual development, techniques, focal distance, formats, aesthetics, composition and the choice of colour or black and white photography.
Languages: English, Slovak, Polish

In 2006 Martin Marencin and Rafal Milach will be members of a new photo agency eastCHOICEimages; the summer workshop will be a platform of their first collaboration.

The Pan-European Picnic, and the opening of the border, László Nagy, 1989

from fertőrákos, with love ...

Adél Székely, Budapest
Noemi Bartis, Budapest
Guest critic: Michael Bielicky, Head of the new media school,
Academy of Fine Arts, Prague

This workshop is designed in close cooperation with
Mediawave International Art Foundation in Györ, founder of the
Mediawave International Film and Music Festival

A workshop on the conception and production of fake docus in an intercultural context. Blur the borders of reality and fiction, real and fake. Explore double-identity, reconstruct the notion of home or belonging, create a new life for yourself or the characters you feature. Immerge in the cultural landscape of Fertőrákos, its social strata and motion and generate a new layer, a story that will be declared as real. You can also mix with footage of films of your liking. The workshop will include research, interviewing, location and sound recording, storyboard development, camera skills and the producing of a short video.
Languages: English, Hungarian

body pieces
Isaac Nkwe, Johannesburg

Network partner of this workshop is Imfundiso Skills Development
which hosts four jewellery training institutes in South Africa. This workshop
will comprise European design cooperation partners.

The theme of the workshop entitled "embodiment" will be the human body. In South Africa, ideas and images related to the body have been central to both the construction of identity and the exercise of power. The workshop will aim at the design and manufacture of body pieces expressing a new self-confidence not derived from social identity but based on the individual perception of yourself. Capture the movement of your body, its fleeting, changeable and unique aspects. The workshop will give a short theoretical overview of the jewellery industry in South Africa, a brief history about mining, exploitation of children, blood and conflict diamonds as well as mineral beneficiary projects. Theory will also cover an introduction to African traditional goldsmith techniques, materials used and design. Practice will encomprise the development of your idea, considering wearability, diversity, innovation and expression. This is followed by technical drawing, sketches and the final design. After a demonstration of jewellery manufacturing tools and related equipment, the jewellery pieces will be produced and completed. Materials: silver, copper, brass, perspex, beads, leather and other.
Language: English

Fertőrákos, World cultural heritage site at the Lake of Neusiedl

Jan Tabor, Brno/Vienna
Heidulf Gerngross, Vienna
Lubomir Nosko, Bratislava

This workshop is being held in cooperation with different culture
Initiatives, academies and technical universities in Bratislava, Györ,
Sopron, Brno, Katowice and Vienna.

Conceptually analytical, practically real, utopian visionary, the workshop approaches the sensitive archaic world cultural heritage landscape at the lake of Neusiedl. A meeting point of different cultures for eight millennia. The workshop is pursuing two lines: a sensual assessment of the landscape as tableau vivant and the development of strategic - also utopian - spatial concepts, which combine sensitivity to the environment with the requirements of todays leisure society. Furthermore with practical realizations, the creation of living environments, the building of simple structures and / or design furniture for the functional use on site.

We will engage in

- the use of local building materials, such as reed, hay, soil, sandstone
- rhythm, structure, proportion, the relation between built and nature
- the genius loci of the village, an excellently preserved typical village situation, the cultural infrastructure, the roman quarry and the 700year old castle
- tactile perception and modernity

Languages: German, English, Slovak

Territorios del Arte

Vincent + Féria, Paris/Venezuela
14.7. - 29.7.

Workshop with the performance and action artists Francoise Vincent and Elohim Feria, who since 1993 act together as VINCENT + FERIA. With their performances they react on cities and spaces which they visit. Thereby researching the needed requisites in the local environment. V+F will give an overview over performance art and their own work and will then guide the participants in elaborating individual concepts. The focus will lie on actions and interventions of visual, social, esthetic, plastic, gastronomic nature. At the same time exploring geographic, socio-cultural and imaginary spaces, elaborate the relation between performance art and the environment, treat complex questions of life and our time, and experience the act of presentation as what it really is: a very special way of communication.
Languages: English, French, Spanish




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