Activities – Working modus / Areas

KulturAXE develops and organizes international art symposia, workshops, conferences and exhibition projects, currently at locations in Austria, Italy, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary.

The areas of activity encompass fine arts, new media and architecture in an interdisciplinary approach allowing for synergies with technology and other fields of knowledge. Essential fields of activity are also concept developments for public space and environments for art and communication.

A crucial theme of KulturAXE is the exploration of space, both physical and virtual, from public space, new cartographies, networking, cityscapes, mobile environments to the “landscapes of desire”.

The studio of KulturAXE becomes an art-, think-, and exploration lab. Dealing with people and their longings.


Working titles

For the achievement of its aims, KulturAXE has generated three working titles as tools:

landscapes of desire
(landschaften der sehnsucht – paesaggio di desiderio)

Title of the yearly International Art Symposium (since 2002)
Title of the exhibiton project in Milan, December 2003
Title of the project “Art platforms as new cartography”, 2003/2004

CATA (Communication.Arts.Technology.Architecture)

2003 KulturAXE founds the platform CATA in Vienna, for interdisciplinary exchange and transnational cooperation in communication, arts, technology and experimental architecture.
The first CATA project (Vienna-Graz-Budapest-Pecs) started with the development of a model for a mobile structure for art and communication, a “cultural transmitter”.

Art Zone 3 / Cityscapes

2000 KulturAXE founds the Art Zone 3, as a public art space in the 3rd district of Vienna, the seat of KulturAXE. Since then KulturAXE develops urban projects in the ArtZone 3 – 2003 as “cityscapes” on public squares and the culture of squares.

These activities are accompanied and documented through the edition of publications, abstracts, videos and CDs, as well as on the KulturAXE homepage.