CLOSE ENCOUNTERS II, Vienna*Bratislava*Budapest, „Emerging Artists“

nobody tries to sell you anything

Adrienn Dorsánszki, Veronika Romhány, Dominika Trapp
Painting & Objects


Thursday, 02.05.2013, 19 h

Welcome address: Caroline Fekete-Kaiser, KulturAXE
Introduction: László László Révész, Budapest
Guest Critic: Alois Mosbacher, Vienna

Duration: 02.05. – 17.05.2013
Opening hours: Mo-Fr 10-17 h (Tue-15 h & Thu-19 h)

Statement László László Révész, Curator Budapest:
For this show I asked three young artists. There is one common aspect in all the three, which is they share an approach which I call ‚positive escapism‘. Being parallel or separated apart from the current analysis of the local context of Budapest is expressing a gesture of independence by itself alone. While using various pictorial elements of subcultures also they create an inner dialog, which is a narration happening in the inside of the self. I use the words ‚Psycho Pop‘ or ‚inside Pop‘. In their works we are encountering with bad taste, kitsch, comic-strip or visual world of the alternative music, all these beyond good taste, or acceptable gallery art.