cruzar fronteras * crossing borders
bulbo, Tijuana, Mexico – LIFE AT THE BORDER
Tuesday, 9th May 2006, 20-24 h

Invitation card

MAK- Columned Main Hall
MAK – MAK – Austrian Museum of Applied Arts / Contemporary Art
Stubenring 5, 1010 Vienna

A MAK NITE© of KulturAXE in the course of the ONDA LATINA festival. Bulbo TV, bulbo Press, bulbo Web and Disco bulbo – bulbo,, is a young media collective from Tijuana, Mexico. Bulbo’s main objective is to create audiovisual projects that reflect the daily life of the inhabitants of the San Diego-Tijuana border zone. The projects offer an insight into the dense social fabric and life at the border between Mexico and the USA.

KulturAXE reflects with this MAK NITE a crucial issue of our global society, the controversial practices in dealing with borders, control of flux and mobility and categorisation of worlds. With bulbo, there will be a presentation of artistic and cultural production from the border zone Mexico, which also offer conflict resolutions in dealing with „the other“.

Since April 2004, Bulbo TV has transmitted weekly all over Mexico and nine states of the US on Canal 22. Bulbo has participated in numerous short film festivals. From 2003 to 2005 bulbo realized upon invitation of inSite_05 the project „La tienda de ropa“. Seven people from different social backgrounds were invited to a workshop with bulbo. „La tienda de ropa“ (The clothe shop) was about working together as a unit via consensus, tolerance and reflection of thought.

At the MAK NITE, bulbo will screen the documentary „La tienda de ropa“ (directed by Cristina Velasco), present an audiovisual installation with images from the border and information about the bulbo media collective. Furthermore exhibit the bulbo press magazine and bring music from the disco bulbo CD compilations with artists from the Tijuana and San Diego area. A computer with internet access will introduce the bulbo website.

Bulbo’s work isn’t about anthropological displays, but rather snapshots of life, segments of the world. They are not aseptic laboratory samples, but rather audiovisual references to the numerous spaces, concerns, tastes, perversions, and investigations and discoveries of their authors. (Raúl Fernández Linares)