Bordercrossing cooperations with our neighbours in CEE represent a central issue for KulturAXE and was initiated straight after the change 1989 with a mutual exhibition project Austria / Slovakia. Since then a multitude of cooperation projects were realized with partner nations from CEE, such as Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Lithuania, Croatia, Russia and Ukraine as well as with extra-European nations.

KulturAXE stands for a new understanding of the different heterogeneous cultural identities of Europe, for an open and equal dialogue. KulturAXE intends to deploy multidimensional approaches in its projects, to endeavour in translocal geographies, and to further act as a forum for active intercultural exchange and discourse amongst artists, cultural acteurs, experts and the public.

KulturAXE intends to continue building a communication platform and to foster the processes of encounters and working together in mutual projects and networks.