Who are we? who
were we? things cannot go on much as
before. all night we shall laugh
behind time’s new masks. when the moment
hatches in time’s womb we shall not complain
(Kereopatse Kgositsile / RSA)

“Black & White” invites artists and designers from Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, South Africa and Madagascar to participate in the creation. It is about the reflection on cultural & collective identity exploring the question “Who are we in relation to the Other”. The focus will be directed on values, symbols, rituals, relations and social responsibility. Planned outputs are three multilayered videos combining contemporary dance, choreography, music, design and fine arts. There will also be photos and image compositions. The backgrounds, outfits and artworks will be held in black and white.


Is it possible to visualise European or African identity and does this lead to stereotyping or to mutual understanding? Who are we? Who are we as collective entity? Who are we as a collective entity in relation to another entity? The own identity can only be measured in relation to another identity. Vienna – Timbouctou, Europe – Africa, Austria – South Africa, Vienna – Johannesburg.. Europe, as human body dressed in its personality in a dance through time. Without shadings, in black and white. Staging identity in a fusion of the arts – contemporary dance, choreography, design, music, fine arts, video, photography.

Is there such as thing as a European identity? Can it be mirrored on a human body in a nonverbal way using images and symbols to visualise it? Can it, or fragments of it, be uncovered and made visible by these image projections so as to become comprehensible? Could such image stories of different continents be compared to each other and would there be overlappings?

Exploring these questions, the focus lies here in the creation of multilayered compositions of cultural identity, in a comparative context between the continents Europe and Africa. Looking into values, symbols, rituals, social patterns of action and stereotyping. In juxtaposing, in the comparison and mutual contemplation, systems and conditions become conceivable.

Participating artists (list in progress):

Liz King (A), D.ID dance identity
Karine LaBel (A)
Moeketsi Koena (RSA)
Fine Arts:
Gudrun Kampl (A)
Alois Mosbacher (A)
Wayne Barker (RSA)
László László Révész (HU)
Fashion design:
Claudia Rosa Lukas (A)
Mascha Fekete (A)
Szymon Olszowski (A/PL)
Video creation:
Katalin Mesterhazy (A/HU)
Mascha Fekete (A)
Saša Barbul (SRB)
Samson Mnisi (RSA)
Dancers, performers, marginalised youth (Roma in Austria and homeless youth in Madagascar) and further artists.

Institutional collaboration:
Dornröschen VJ Kollektiv
www.facebook.com/vorsicht.glas  / vimeo.com/videoten
I’Trotra – International Contemporary Dance Festival in Madagascar 2012
Isaac Nkwe, Imfundiso Skills Development South Africa

Performance and shooting locations:
Ragnarhof, 1160 Vienna
D.ID dance identity centre, Pinkafeld

Concept and project direction Europe:
Caroline Fekete-Kaiser, KulturAXE

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