In the year 2000, the ‚ART ZONE 3‘ was proclaimed in the immediate urban vicinity of the studio KulturAXE in the 3rd district of Vienna, the public space declared to an open art zone and an opening event organized in cooperation with ten other studios and art / culture-initiatives with lectures, dance, music, projections, fine art, and a manifest. The aim was an active network, the conversion of public space and the making-visible of, mostly quite anonymous, art structures.

Zone Art 3
Saturday, February 26, 2000
15.00 – Open End
Vienna 3, at the Estplatz

Scene of the action is the art zone in the third district!
Saturday, February 26, 2000 the urban space around the Esteplatz became ZONE KUNST 3, an open art space, inviting to a first big event with studio visits, lectures and other art action. Studios, galleries and culture initiatives participated in this zone, oncluding artists and galleries from the third district, which had been invited to present their works on Friday February 26. in various rooms within the zone. As an exclusive remembrance of this event every visitor received an art check worth ATS 500.
Gastronomically the zone had lots to offer as well. In the evening lectures were held, discussions took place and the DJs Schalek and Karwan from radio orange were in the zone.
The young austrian writers Corinna Wegscheider and Alexander Peer presented excerpts from the manifest of Zone Kunst 3 along with excerpts from their works. More lectures were held by noneuropean authors.
The aim of Zone Kunst 3 is to provide a platform for communication, or like Alexander Peer puts it:“Ich wollte, es gäbe diesen Raum, diesen Basar, diesen Tresen, an den wir lehnen können, wann immer wir einen Erfahrungshandel anzetteln wollen…”. (I wish there was this space, this bazar, this bar table we could lean upon whenever we want to plot a trade of experience…) This event for the first time revealed “art-structures” and surpassed their anonimity. It invited to experience art inside art studios, presentations, lectures, talks. To experience art in a public space, with projections, objects, performances.
An art-ificial zone. A festivity.

Manifest of Zone Kunst 3
excerpt, Alexander Peer / Austria:
“To be a writer, to believe
somehow to be able to cope with the world.”

There should happen something… The game “silent post” should be introduced officially.
There sjould be little machines, in which people offer their intimacy to each other, one would go away with the others tears, the other one with the ones laughter.
There should be made big words, for which the real language still should have to be created; because is there anybody who did not often think to have found the right word, and speaking it out to realize it was but a wrong one.
I offer my wrong words. I offer pictures, I’m doing photo series of life, may everyone recognize his world, his adventures, his disappointment and his triumph in them.
But maybe I live in this world only in something like a barter, I offer my thoughts rounded off to words, I offer experience and do not hesitate to touch and follow it however possible.
I wish there was this space, this bazar, this bar table we could lean upon whenever we want to plot a trade of experience…

Stano Buban, Hasta La Muerte